About Us

FlyHub gives you an elite Travel experience for
your smooth and stress free travel.

FlyHub is a prominent online travel company that arranges an “Exclusively Top in Class” customer experience with the objective to be “worldwide best Travel Planner.” By visiting our FlyHub website, our mobile applications and our accompanying platforms, holidays, and business travelers can discover inquiry, relate, and book a varied variety of services catering to their travel essentials.

“FlyHub”, which means “Travel or a Journey in with utmost healthful way”, is one of the well-organized brands in the travel industry worldwide.

FlyHub, a resilient and “trustworthy” travel brand Globally, our asset contain a huge and faithful customer base, a multi-channel platform for holidays and business travelers, a vigorous mobile eco-system for a range of travelers and suppliers, a robust technology platform intended to provide a high level of scalability and revolution and a veteran senior management team containing business directors with deep origins in the travel industry worldwide.

FlyHub is committed to confirming a superior user practice on our platform and a critical section of that is customer service. We deliver customer support at all phases of our customer’s voyage – before, during, and after.

HIS has invested a majority shareholding interest in FlyHub, a FlyHub is a travel tech company which makes it easy to plan your travel, automate your expenses, and provide valuable insights.

Mr. Hideo Sawada, Chairman, President and CEO believe in,” Always a Challenger, Aim higher.”

HIS got its start as an office with just two desks and only one phone. In the year 2020, HIS celebrated its 40 years since establishment. HIS has been Creating the future by changing and adapting to new markets and kept on evolving with times, and today we have over 18,000 people in more than 70 countries together with us.

Our Mission

FlyHub has a mission to provide extraordinary eminence services in the tourism and hospitality industry, well-timed and professionally with efficiency.

FlyHub assisting people and companies travel smooth and accomplish more with all friendly environments.

Our Vision

In the travel Industry, FlyHub has the vision to be well-known globally in travel management, a company that has a trend to be a loyal partner for life of people serene to travel.

FlyHub’s step in the Travel Industry with a wish is to be renowned as a portrait of trustworthiness, innovative technology, and hard work in travel management.

Shaping the future of travel management

We offer booking services for flights, hotels, and the latest technology products
such as B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C, API, and BTM (Business Travel Management),
etc. The company also arranges for holiday packages and travel guides.

Working & Growing at Flyhub

Boundless Peers

We are a group of achievers. Our guys are motivated, go-getter, fun-loving, conscious, and practical. Working at FlyHub is inevitable to be one of the most incredible capabilities of your life.

Most Trusted Brand

With a sturdy emphasis on satisfying customer prerequisites and service, we are the most reliable online travel brand.

Fun with Work

At FlyHub our team of Human Resource organizes activities such as Cricket Matches, Festival celebrations, Yummy Foods stalls, surprise games. Working with us is never boring.

Friendly Culture

Every opinion and outlook is perceived and appreciated. We chat with people not their designations. You create and the amazing knowledge occasions you get are just some of these.

Join our team of creators & innovators

If you are viewing for enthusiasm and challenge, and are intended by the travel industry,
we are looking for you. Are you prepared for the adrenaline rush of traveling with FlyHub?
Drop us a mail at career@flyhub.com and we shall get back to you.

Technologically we are advance with

  • Travel Aggregator Platform with Intellectual promoting and dealing proficiency with Source code and IP right.
  • Combined with sky hub & Hotel Booking Extranet structure.
  • A Mid Office with broad markup and commission guidelines up to Booking Class or RBD level for flights, or room level for hotels for Multi-Country operations.
  • An Agency Supervision Segment with a front office GU.
  • Payment Engine and a payment gateway incorporated with all FlyHub bank.
  • Vibrant Holiday Packaging Module.
  • Mobile Application with your personal Agency branding.
  • Own assigned Inventory or Fleet Management Module.
  • Customization UI / UX and CX journey charting.
  • Accessing the business process.
  • Integrated with NDC Capable Airline, i.e. Singapore Airline, Emirates, ANA, JAL and others.
  • Direct Connect (some airlines provide special fares, last-minute inventory and all functionality same like their website including ancillary services and it is directly connected to their host system)

Let’s make the travel
experience amazing together.