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Flights API

More than 750+ airlines including GDS carriers and low cost carriers (LCCs) connecting various destinations in 170+ countries.

Benefits of Flyhub’s Flights API:

  • Access to best net rates and availability
  • Fast, Robust and scalable backend
  • Auto confirmation feature for select flights
  • Fast and lean JSON based XML code
  • Multiple GDS and LCCs aggregator
  • Largest inventory with every airlines available

Hotels API

A total of 135,000+ accommodations including hotels, motels, villas and hostels are available on our travel distribution platform.

Benefits of Flyhub’s Hotels API:

  • Fast and seamless access to search and book
  • Offering best speed, performance and hotel options
  • Search by geocode location and destination without limit
  • Support up to 3 millions of searches per hour with our Microsoft Azure infrastructure with load balancing
  • Consolidator JSON/XML API integrations

Packages API

Rich inventory of travel packages, curated through the best recommended sources by thousands of travellers for best experiences.

Benefits of Flyhub’s Packages API:

  • Consolidator JSON/XML API integrations
  • Secure, reliable and robust infrastructure
  • Largest inventory of curated travel packages and locations
  • Provides fast and error free online reservation facility
  • Easy set up and flexible integration of travel search
  • Boost your online direct sales

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